Never following the pack, Lexus is an outsider with a different perspective. We don't just make cars. We create luxury vehicles, designed with the driver in mind.

The Lexus world revolves around performance, craft, technology and design. When these four elements work in perfect harmony with the driver, owning a Lexus becomes an emotional experience like no other.

Never held back by conformity, we separate ourselves from the pack, driven by instinct - to see things from a different perspective.

The brave design of the NX will always excite the eye. Every sharp line, every smooth curve, every untamed angle has a story to tell. Inspired by the L-shaped badge, the arrowhead motif is a unique signature of Lexus design. Set your sights on test driving a Lexus today.

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The simple spark of an idea can change perspective forever. When we develop new technologies for the CT, we believe nothing is impossible. It's this spirit that led to our revolutionary Hybrid powertrain systems. Because to break new ground, you need to break from convention.

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When we create our vehicles, our master craftsmen work with an attention to detail that can only be described as meticulous - down to the last stitch. Why build a car, when you can craft something that awakens the senses? The impeccable Lexus RX.

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You will feel an amazing rush of excitement before you even turn on the engine of the new IS. Made for the road, this is a car that stirs the soul with dynamic power and handling to get every heart racing.

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