Lexus is driven by innovation in every respect, and the company's lighting technology made far-reaching waves.

No sooner had Lexus released the first-generation IS than the new entry-level luxury car had changed the game forever. It wasn't just the design of the model that turned heads. The shining glory of a vehicle couched as a direct competitor to the luxury sports sedans of leading European luxury marques of the time was its use of LED lamps. The inclusion of the filament-free bulb was soon adopted by competitors and would henceforth change car design in the process, causing some controversy among auto aficionados who quibbled over the aesthetics of the new glare.

Before long, these lights began to appear on other cars, and despite fluctuations in fashion, the LED was an irrefutably pioneering technology that harnessed efficiency and eco-sensitivity. As Steffen Pietzonka, vice president of car lighting manufacturer Hella, told Electronics Weekly:

Car makers will accept this solution for the next few years, and the majority in the compact segment over the next few years will use this solution because it is much more cost-effective.