When we create our vehicles, we don't aim to simply please the eye, but challenge it. Why would you follow the pack when you can carve your own path? Lexus celebrates individuals who share this mindset.

We believe boldness is the usher of progress. Tokuo Fukuichi, president of Lexus International and chief of design, puts it this way: "I don't want to create nice designs. I want to create impressive designs, ones that remain in minds".

That's the attitude behind the brave redesign of the Lexus RX in 2016. Three generations before, the original RX had pushed its own boundaries by being the first luxury crossover SUV on the market. This innovative spirit had to shine through once more with the new model, which could only be achieved through a complete overhaul. One that applied the L-Finesse, in all its edge, to a grand scale. In terms of SUV styling, a leap of faith.

The new RX wasn't first in regards to turning heads. Two years before it, the Lexus NX was unveiled to much commotion.

How could a crossover look so alien? The striking exterior of the NX made it one of the most polarising releases of the decade. In steering away from the expected, Lexus had definitely made an impact. And it paid off, with sales figures showing that those who are drawn to the NX are truly magnetised.

David Mack shares that drive to break the mold, even if it doesn't please everyone.

The acclaimed Australian performer stumbled upon dancing as a kid growing up in regional New South Wales. His rugby mates sneered at the transition. Gossip went around the small town. But no peer pressure or preconceptions could stifle David's newfound passion. Learn more about his pursuit below.