The introduction of the new LC luxury coupe is a new, significant illustration of Lexus' dedication to create cars with exciting, emotional designs and exhilarating performance.

In the space of just 27 years Lexus has had a transformative effect on the world's luxury car market.

Engineering excellence has produced generations of powerful, responsive engines and transmissions, while its pioneering hybrid technology has taken efficiency and smoothness to ever higher levels.

Cutting-edge design and a contemporary approach to luxury based on master craftsmanship traditions further emphasise its authentic status as a world-class luxury vehicle manufacturer.

Now Lexus is building on its established strengths, and evolving its reputation for a rational approach to vehicle development, to explore new opportunities in design and technology that reshape its model range.

The change is being led from the top by Akio Toyoda, who in taking on the roles of Lexus' Chief Branding Officer and master driver has given the business more freedom and autonomy and the confidence to be daring. With the benefit of dedicated resources, greater flexibility and quicker decision-making, Lexus has delivered a succession of vibrant new models that are changing the way it is perceived both by customers and the global automotive industry.

The striking new NX crossover, the latest generation RX luxury SUV and the RC F and GS F performance models all demonstrate the great leap Lexus has made in crafting distinctive contemporary designs and delivering rewarding dynamic experiences, while retaining the luxury quality and attention to detail for which it has always been renowned.

The LC luxury coupe takes this evolution to another level. Lexus has succeeded in turning its LF-LC concept into an uncompromised production car: less than five years after its unveiling to huge critical and public acclaim. This feat has called for new ways of co-operation between the design and engineering teams throughout the development process.

Not only has Lexus delivered a design with high visual impact, it has also developed ground-breaking engineering and technology for the LC. The LC 500h is the first model to feature Lexus' Multi Stage Hybrid System that changes the perception of hybrids by giving much improved performance across the full range of engine speeds, more direct response to driver inputs and a higher level of dynamic performance and driving pleasure, while maintaining the smoothness and efficiency that are characteristic of Lexus hybrids.

The LC 500, with its naturally aspirated 5.0-Litre V8 engine, also marks a first in the premium car segment with its new Direct Shift 10-speed automatic transmission, with gear ratios spaced to achieve smooth, linear and rhythmical acceleration.

The successful delivery of the LC owes much to the immense personal enthusiasm for the project from everyone involved in its creation; their inspiration has been critical in making the LC a reality.

A flagship luxury coupe
The LC is a new flagship 2+2 luxury coupe for Lexus' global model range, not only showcasing the qualities of design, beauty, engineering and advanced technology that define it as a premium vehicle manufacturer, but also symbolising its ambition as a luxury lifestyle brand.

This isn't simply a car that looks good. It has been engineered in every dimension to deliver a very special driving experience. "Even sharper and more refined" were the constant watchwords as Lexus honed every aspect of the LC's performance, ride and handling.

The LC is a contemporary interpretation of the finest traditions of the grand tourer, a coupe focused on the road, not the track. Its handling, responsiveness and comfort have been tuned on some of the world's great driving roads to deliver a rewarding and hugely enjoyable experience.

The quality is equally high in both versions of the car that are being brought to the marketplace, the LC 500h and the LC 500 - two models that offer unique propositions for customers.

The LC 500h marks a revolution in the development of hybrid technology, the first model to benefit from Lexus' Multi Stage Hybrid system. Adding a multi stage shift device to the 3.5-litre V6 hybrid powertrain helps transform the driving experience, witnessed in greater torque, more usable power across a wider range of engine speeds and rhythmic, linear acceleration that gives the driver the sensation of working with a 10-speed automatic gearbox.

Moreover, these qualities are delivered with all the smoothness and efficiency for which Lexus Hybrid Drive is renowned, together with improved environmental performance.

The LC 500 is powered by the latest development of Lexus' naturally aspirated V8 petrol engine, tuned to deliver 351kW, with improved acceleration feel to the driver and the kind of engine note that only a naturally aspirated V8 can deliver. This unit is matched to the world's first 10-speed direct shift automatic transmission for a premium car to secure a genuinely rewarding driving experience.