LS 460 Sports Luxury
Grades F Sport, Sports Luxury
Engine configuration V8
Steering type -
Engine capacity 4608 cc
Fuel consumption - ADR 81/02 (combined)1 11.1 L/100km
Maximum power 285 kW
Maximum Power (Combined) - kW
Warranty duration - Months or 100,000kms
Owner benefitsas standard
LS 600h F Sport
Grades F Sport
Engine configuration Hybrid V8
Steering type Rack & Pinion
Engine capacity 4969 cc
Fuel consumption - ADR 81/02 (combined)1 8.6 L/100km
Maximum power 327 kW
Maximum Power (Combined) 327 kW
Warranty duration 48 Months or 100,000kms
Owner benefitsas standard


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1. Fuel consumption and emissions will vary depending on driving conditions/style, vehicle conditions and options/accessories. Source of fuel consumption data: ADR 81/02 (L/100km).