Lexus Australia Interview with Corey Brown

Corey Brown celebrating at the end of a race.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to win a Lexus Melbourne Cup?

It's famed as the event which stops a nation and is fast-becoming a race that interrupts the tuning of televisions around the world. Last year the Lexus Melbourne Cup saw more than 80,000 people attend and over 2.7 million people watch live broadcasts from around the country.

When you're trackside, the excitement and anticipation is palpable, let alone, extremely loud. On the track, however, it seems the jockeys and their loyal horses experience something completely different; something almost other-worldly.

Two-time Melbourne Cup winning jockey and Lexus Australia Ambassador Corey Brown shared his "incredible" experiences crossing the finish line twice as the winning jockey.

"Everything just stands still," he said.

"It's just you and your horse."

Brown's racing resume not only features his Melbourne Cup triumphs on Shocking in 2009 and Rekindling in 2017 as part of his impressive list of 49 Group 1 wins, but an incredible total of 2467 career wins.

But for Brown, the feeling of being horseback during those last 200m at Flemington Racecourse during a winning Melbourne Cup, is something that no other feat comes close to.

"There's no place like home ... there's nothing like Australian racing," he said.

"For a jockey {the Lexus Melbourne Cup) is part of your heritage ... it's one of those races that - even if you're not involved in racing people get excited and they want to watch it - you just can't not watch it."

Brown described the moments before he won in both 2009 and 2017 as something 'priceless'.

"If I could bottle {that feeling) and give everyone a taste of what I experienced in the last 200 metres ... well, you just couldn't put a price on it," he said.

Corey Brown giving the thumbs up to crowd.

Despite the screaming punters and immense energy roaring around Flemington Racecourse, Brown said those final moments of the Lexus Melbourne Cup were euphoric and calming, adding that in those moments, he enjoys the feeling of just being one with his horse, acknowledging those winning moments were just as much a celebration of the horses as it was of the wins.

"I just have the utmost respect for {the horses)", he said.

"My family was always involved in racing ... (it) was sort of bred and born into me."

Having started riding when he was just 14 in country New South Wales, Brown's dream had always been to head to Melbourne to compete in the Nation's most coveted race.

"I couldn't wait to get to the big smoke - I was always in a hurry to get there", he said.

"I couldn't wait to get a ride in the Melbourne Cup let alone to win it twice."

And so what about after the race is won? Brown described the first few days as a "whirlwind" with media commitments and interviews scheduled back-to-back. Brown said the real impact of winning the races set in a few days later when he was back home.

"It's at about 1 am in the morning that you're lying in bed thinking 'did this really happen?'," he laughed.

"That's when it really sets in - when you're at home with friends and family."

Having spent years racing overseas and the past few years racing back in Australia, Brown said he could not wait to see what the 2020 Lexus Melbourne Cup held - despite being unable to race due to a recent injury.

"It's an amazing event," he said.

"Every year your down there - whether competing or not - you think 'it just can't get better than this year' but it always does.

"It baffles me, every year (it gets) better and better."

Brown said being able to attend the race this year as an Ambassador for Lexus Australia was a fitting tribute to his love of horsepower. With his LC500 on hand to offer a thrilling ride to Flemington Racecourse, Brown said he was looking forward watching the race unfold this year as he recovers and prepares to reclaim his place horseback in early 2020.


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