Lexus Australia announce the Making of Amazing and 2019 Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour

Lexus UX, Lexus Melbourne Cup, Victoria Racing Club, Michelle Payne

Lexus Australia announces the 39 destinations that the Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour will travel to in 2019. In its second year as Principal Partner of the Victoria Racing Club (VRC) and naming rights sponsor of the Lexus Melbourne Cup, the brand will deliver amazing Cup Tour experiences and thoughtful storytelling on a national scale – building hype for the highly anticipated Lexus Design Pavilion.

Lexus Australia is proud to celebrate the Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour with the Making of Amazing – a journey by which elements of the Lexus Design Pavilion and collaborators are revealed through installations of grandeur by florists, chefs, artists and musicians. Showcased at different destinations of the Cup Tour, Lexus will deliver the brands renowned Japanese spirit of hospitality to guests and customers across the country. ‘Lexus is thrilled to be entering its second year as naming rights sponsor of the Lexus Melbourne Cup, and 17th year of our relationship with the VRC. We see Australia’s most prestigious sporting and social event, the Lexus Melbourne Cup and the Cup Tour, as an opportunity to show you the lengths we go to, to create experiences that inspire and surprise you, which precedes this years Making of Amazing.’ said Lexus Australia CEO, Scott Thompson.

The first installation of the Making of Amazing was brought to life at today’s Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour announcement through the powerful surround sounds of custom made Mark Levinson speakers in the Lexus range on display and live performance by DJ, Ben Downing, Drummer, Samuel Gazis and Horn Players, The Players Club, who will also perform at the 2019 Lexus Design Pavilion.

Lexus LC, RC F, Lexus Melbourne Cup, Victoria Racing Club

Launching the Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour was Lexus Ambassador, Megan Gale who entered the stage at Flemington Racecourse with the Lexus Melbourne Cup amongst the exhilarating live and surround sounds to bring the excitement and passion of the carnival to life. ‘Its an honour to launch the Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour today at Flemington Racecourse. The Lexus Design Pavilion is truly remarkable, and being able to share that with Lexus customers and guests along the Cup Tour for this years Making of Amazing rightly celebrates Lexus as a luxury lifestyle brand. I cannot wait for the 2019 Lexus Melbourne Cup Carnival – the glamour, hospitality and entertainment.’ said Lexus Ambassador, Megan Gale.

Lexus Australia CEO Scott Thompson was joined by Lexus Ambassador Megan Gale, VRC Chairman Amanda Elliott, Victorian Parliamentary Secretary for Sport Lizzie Blandthorn, 2015 Melbourne Cup-winning jockey Michelle Payne and three-time Melbourne Cup-winning jockey Damien Oliver for the big reveal.

Lexus Australia invites you to join them for the Making of Amazing. We’ve been expecting you.

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