Lexus RC F dashboard featuring speedometer


Exhilaration. Distinction. Craftsmanship.

Delivering multi-dimensional experiences that go beyond their exceptional craftsmanship, Lexus Performance vehicles spark an unparalleled connection that ignite your passion and stirs all five senses.

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Unobtainable legacy model shown

F Philosophy

These are more than mere performance vehicles.

The F philosophy was born and obsessively honed on Japan's Fuji Speedway by Lexus engineers and master drivers alike.

It's where we were inspired to deliver intensity with elegance.

It's where we decided how to move you.

It's where the LFA stirred the senses and pushed us to strive for new limits.

The Lexus F Marque delivers motorport technology, to turn performance into your driving passion.


Class on Class

Inspired by the F Marque, the Lexus Performance lineup delivers crafted experiences, depending on your desire for power, style or speed.

In your Lexus F Sport, you can expect a smooth and athletic drive - with bespoke trim, alloy wheels and performance-heightening suspension, the F Sport badge is available in a range of models - each built to perform.

In your Lexus F model, you sit above. Your F model is dedicated to performance and connection to the road, all crafted within mind-blowing style.

Then comes the LFA, the pinnacle of the F Marque. It set a new benchmark of what the limit of exhilaration really is.

Unobtainable legacy models shown

Building a Supercar

The desire?

To create and craft a world-class supercar that challenges the finest sports cars ever built.

And so, in October 2000, Chief Engineer Haruhiko Tanahashi and his team embarked on their greatest engineering challenge yet.

The following ten years were spent harnessing Kaizen - Japanese for continuous improvements - as the unrelenting team continually reworked components of the supercar.

Lexus Takumi
Lexus LFA on the racetrack

The LFA was born. Whilst most vehicles start with the engine, this is not the case with the LFA. The supercar’s handling was given the utmost priority, with the packaging decided accordingly. The engineering team first considered how they wanted the LFA supercar to feel and how they wanted it to move.

In their determination to produce a world-class supercar, the team, helped by Yamaha, F1 and Moto GP engineers, manufactured a completely new V10 power plant in the purpose built factory, the LFA Works, in central Japan. The entire powertrain was developed exclusively for the LFA, from the transmission down to the smallest bolt.

After a decade of investment, development, and testing on the Fuji speedway, the LFA was released to the the streets.

Powerful and balanced, the LFA was manufactured with a 4.8 litre V10 engine at its heart. Combined with a unique carbon fibre reinforced plastic body and six-speed Automated Sequential Gearbox (ASG), it delivers exceptional responsiveness, class and mind-blowing style.

Capable of 412kW of breathtaking power and a top speed of 325km/h, the LFA allows any driver to experience the fusion of exhilaration and distinction.

Lexus LFA engine
F performance badge

F Performance

Each detail of the Lexus F Performance line up has been finessed to maximise handling stability and to deliver excellent aerodynamic performance.

With style inspired by the Fuji speedway and the exhilarating performance of exclusive drivetrains, wheels and suspension tuning, F Performance vehicles deliver power that moves you.


F Sport

Available in a range of models, F Sport vehicles are finely tuned with the values of the Lexus F Marque.

The F Sport grade features the distinctive F Sport Spindle grille, racetrack-inspired interiors and sport-tuned suspension.

F Sport label


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