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We're here to help

Lexus Financial Services is committed to assist our customers. We understand that personal circumstances change rapidly and you may need our help.

We’re here to provide hardship support if you are unable to make your repayments and we have developed the below guidelines to simplify the process and get you the support you need.


Financial Support Guidelines

How do I apply?
To make this process as easy and quick as possible, please follow the guidelines below when completing your application.

Apply Online to start the process.
What happens to my car loan if my business is forced to close?
If your business has been forced to close, you may be eligible for financial support.

Apply Online to start the process
I would like to continue to pay my loan however; I would like to reduce the payment amount. Is this possible?
If you are currently paying above your repayment amount, you can simply stop paying the additional amount and revert to your advised payment amount. You do not need to call or email us as long as you are maintaining your payments.

If you are not paying above your repayment amount, you will need to apply for hardship. We review and assess each customer’s needs on a case-by-case basis however if you change your payment amount the following general guidelines will apply:

  • The specifics of your loan will change i.e. the term and/or payment amount, and this will be communicated to you in writing
  • Interest will continue to be charged on amended or deferred loans
Apply Online to start the process
If I apply for hardship assistance, will my credit file be negatively impacted?
In terms of your repayment history, if you maintain your repayments under the hardship arrangement then this will not affect your credit file.


Life Events

Sometimes unforeseen factors including loss of employment, family breakdown, illness, injury or even the death of a family member may affect your financial position. This can be hard to deal with, but it’s important to understand that Lexus Financial Services is here to help.

If something has happened to you and you're finding it hard to make your repayments, there are a number of ways Lexus Financial Services can assist with your circumstance.


Natural Disaster

If you’ve recently been affected by a natural disaster, please get in touch. Flooding, bushfires and drought can heavily impact your financial situation.

Our specialists can take you through a range of options to ease the pressure based on your individual circumstances.


We will assess your request and call you with an outcome as soon as possible. Due to the unprecedented demand for assistance, please allow up to ten business days.
We thank you for your patience during this very challenging time.


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